Leather Care and Cleaning

Storage Instructions 

  1. Always hang the jacket on a wider hanger because it will keep in the right shape.

  2. Do not use a plastic bag to store the jacket it will dry the fabric out 

  3. Store the jacket in cool and dry places to save from humidity and sunlight. 

  4. Try to avoid folding the jacket wherever possible.

Rain Instructions 

Your jacket will tolerate a rain shower and if your jacket gets wet allow it to dry naturally, away from sources of artificial heat before putting it in a wardrobe or closet.

Sunlight Instructions

You can wear your jacket on a bright sunny day without any problem but you must understand that leather is a natural material; it’s made from animal skin, and the effect of leaving the jacket in overexposure to sunlight for the long term will be producing premature aging, discoloration, and drying… 

Cleaning Instructions

  1. Using a soft brush, gently brush the garment to remove any dust.

  2. Clean your jacket using cold water and neutral soap with a sponge. Avoid using hot water.

  3. Remove the soap with the same method, using only cold water.

  4. Remove any excess water with a sponge and then shake off to ensure that no watermarks are left on the jacket. 

  5. Allow drying by hanging the garment in a sufficiently ventilated area, far from direct sources of heat (radiators, etc.).

• Do not dry clean.

• Do not wash in a machine. 

• Do not do a tumbling for a dry. 

• Do not use soap or detergent of any kind. 

• Do not use solvents or bleach. 

• Do not iron or starch. 

• Do not force dry or expose to a direct flame. 

• Do not expose Leather direct sunlight for a long period of time (such as rear car window).