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Are you a fashion designer who has a leather jacket designed and wants a sample of it made?

Have You Ever Wished You Owned That One Jacket From That One Movie You Saw?

Or have an Old worn-out Jacket that you want to be replicated?

Or maybe a Jacket you saw somewhere but cannot find it anymore.

We can Make it for you!

Get your dream Jacket made just the way you want it. Don't just settle for any jacket off the rack.

Express your individuality by designing your very own custom leather jacket. Select from a huge selection of fabrics and leathers (See the color swatch). From custom embroidery to sublimation printing. Get logos, graphics, lettering, monograms, and even your favorite quotes on your leather jacket !! We have you covered.

The best part is every jacket is tailored from scratch according to your body measurements. Petite, Tall, Short, Plus size, any size. We will guide you through the process of taking your measurements to get your jacket tailored to fit you perfectly and flatter you, regardless of your body shape and size.

We offer design consultation so you can discuss how to make your dream jacket a reality. What are you waiting for? Just request a consultation and we will handle the rest! Click here to start a consultation.

Getting Your Dream Jacket Can't get Easier

Here Is How To Do It Step By Step


Step 01

Upload Photos Of Your Dream Jacket

Upload your images. Images can be photos, vector drawings, and hand drawings as well.

Step 02

Choose Leather Type

From Cowhide, Lambskin, Goatskin, Deerskin & Horsehide.


Step 03

Choose Your Leather Color

Choose your color. We have a huge variety of available colors.

Step 04

Choose Your Lining Material

From Cotton, Wool & even Faux Fur. Adding a layer of quilted insulation helps in colder months. A layer of polyester is quilted between the leather and lining.

Step 05

Choose The Color Of Lining

Accentuate your style by adding stunning color to your lining. We have a huge variety of available colors.

Step 06

Choose Your Zipper & Hardware Color

Zipper and Hardware on a jacket have more than just a functional purpose. It can be a fashion statement. So we let you choose the color of the zippers and hardware. We use quality YKK zippers only.

Step 07

Ad On's & Personalize Your Jacket

In the comments section, let us know if you would like any changes made to the jacket from the picture uploaded. For example, if you want your jacket color to be different than what is in the photo uploaded or maybe you want less or more pockets or add a fur collar etc.

Step 08

Choose The Size Of Your Jacket

If you are choosing a custom size, please put your measurements in the appropriate field boxes.

Due to the fact that leather is not a man-made product, minor discrepancies in color will have to be accepted. Our tailors will do their best to replicate the design and style of the leather jacket you wish to have.

Bespoke Outerwear


Size Guide

  • Choose Your Appearance


  • Input an link and description of your desire jacket

    You can paste the link of Jacket if you found online. We can Clone any kind of Article you want.

    Front Side

    Upload Photos of the Jacket and design if you have, Whatever that could be Sketch Photos, PDF and Presentation to express your design.  

    Back Side

    You can upload up-to 5 photos

    Details if applicable

    You can upload up-to 5 photos.

    *Choose your leather

    Let us know what kind of Leather you want to use for your custom jacket.

    Change Leather Color

    If you would like the change of color, what is shown in photos you uploaded. Please write in this box

    Leather Type
    *Jacket Inside Lining

    Select Inside Lining from available options. Satin is by default material for lining. If you heaving sweating then you can select Cotton and for warmer feel then you can Select Wool and fur but the sheep fur is more hotter than all.

    Jacket Lining Color

    You can write any solid color in field for Jacket Inside Lining.

    Custom Printed Lining

    You can get custom printed on lining such as logos, pattern and any message, mostly people print flags and special messages and brand logos.
    Note: We only do it with Satin and Cotton Fabric.

    Upload Logo or Pattern/Graphics for Lining (+$40)

    You can upload graphics artwork, logo or photos to print on lining. Acceptable files are JPG, JPEG, PDF, PNG and Doc. 

    Add Quilted Insulation Lining ($10)

    This is the thin layer of poly in between leather and lining material. It makes little bit warmer feel for nights but not cover the cold. 

    Add Extra Removable Warm Liner

    An extra removable warm liner is perfect for usage in whole year, you remove and put as per weather climate change such as summer and winter.

    Select color for Hardware

    All hardware would be in same as you choose, such as zipper, snap, and rivets.

    Add Removable Fur Collar

    If the jacket design you uploaded has a fur collar or you want to add a removable fur collar.

    Choose the type of fur collar

    The fur collar will be made removable with a zipper. choose fur from available options.

    Add Removable Hoodie

    The hoodie will be made removable with zipper.

    Custom Inside Pockets
    Add Monogram and small text embroidery on jacket

    You can personalize by having your name and a short message with embroidery. Give a Jacket Unique Touch.

    Type Monogram, Name or Small Message

    Most people get a monogram underneath the pocket or the brand label.

    Please let us know where you want to place it.

    if you won't mention it, we will place it below the inside pocket.


    Add Logos or Graphics on your jacket

    Make a custom unique jacket with the Logo and Graphics touch. Do you want any logos and graphics on the Jacket?

    Logo Application Type

    You can get logos embroidered or printed directly on the jacket. Embroidery is last longer and it's great for simple logo and lettering. In a complex scenario or toughest graphics and logos then printing is the best option.

    Upload Logo file

    You can upload graphics artwork or photos using the upload button. you can upload multiple files. Acceptable formats are PDF, JPEG, JPG, PNG. We will convert that file so it should be clear enough.

    Indicate Placement of Logo

    Please write all instructions where you want to place the logo and graphics on the jacket. we will make a mock-up to show you.


    If you have any short instructions you wanted to mention about the jacket you want.
    Write here.

    Upload file with comments

    If you have detailed instructions about your jacket then you can upload PDF or Word file for details.